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wow [Thursday,
June 30th, 2005]
[ mood | disappointed ]

ohk... long time since ive written in here.. since everytime i do ; some retarded fight happens in the comment thing. i guess i cant please anyonee anymore.

i was at katie`s for about a week =] && she was going to cedar point for like three days; so ill wait for her to come back - then we`re hanging again <33333 god i love you hun. BESTFREIDSF0LIFE <33
i met a whole buncha sweet ass people when i was there. i met mike VINKTUM lmfaoooo <333+new bestfriend also ;] && than theres.. gaven hahahaha nicee .. && dominic :-* yumm.. && then um.. idk who else but it was thee shiit ohk?

&& then i came home fora day.. almost had to move to my dads fora yaer cuz my moms a phsycotic.. && yah :) than went to marisa`s spent the night. fun time`s there. hadda say good bye to omar =[ he`s now moved to ...massachuchetts? er something near there.. =[ awww oh well ;]were all still in michigan

&& then i came home last night.. && yahhh.. watched ms. congeniality 2. awwwwww cute movie :) made me laugh;;;

&& right now.. i dont know what`s going on with friends. cara is all mad at me && theres nothing i can do ; i dont even know what i did. but i obviously fucked up again somehow.. && than gina? idk what`s going on with us <3h.a.h.b.w.g<3 but yah...so idk jake & i talked again online..&& didnt yell at eachother lol suprise :) but its S L O W L Y improving.. lmfaooooooooo <3

&& Yah.. HAPPY BIRTHdAY KATIE <333 && ALLiE <333 -- prob should say that cuz i probably wont update before saturday ;] <3loveyou

ohk..comment but dont start bullshit.. cuz i will delete it

peace out


June 22nd, 2005]
[ mood | flirty ]

yo yo :) long time to write..its sad. my computer has a nasty ass virus.. so my internet is screweed up... && wont lemme update this thing!well;;

yesterday =] went to the victoria secret sale.. i was disappointeD:( they didnt have my capri`s.. but whatever.. && guess who i seen at abercrombie&&fitchhhh? jus guess :) MY BESTEST FRIEND MATTTTTTHHHEWWW ARRBB :)ahh i love you boyy

&& thenn..today.. I CAME TO KATIES!:) on the way i stoped @ target for some shiit.. like my jonessssss :) yummmmmmmyyyyyy =] MWAH

ohk..so im here with my bestest douche bag friend in the wholeeeee world = katie marie pittman <3 she`s beautiful. your jealous... ;)..righhttt

so. were off..im here all week.. && foreverrrrrrrrr & EVER!! :) so hit up mah cell ;; 8356703.. i probably shouldnt put it in here..but oh well =]

so.. yahh jus comment er whateverrr


June 19th, 2005]
[ mood | BORED ]

well right now im talking to LAURENNN <33 ahahah i love her. you are my "drunk" buddy fo life =] haaaahahah yahhh 8)

well.. um today was fun. i went to my dad`ss fora while. cuz yah.. && right now i really wanna go to jeff`s - he`s having a fire at his house..im jealous. he said come over.. BUT no one`s home to take me:( grrrr im sad. hopfully my sister get`s home to take me :)

comment love`ss


parttttayyyyy =] [Saturday,
June 18th, 2005]

Katie`ss partyyy was so much fun :) thanks for inviting me katie --- I LOVE YOU :) bestfriendsfolifeeeee


ohk.. this is the sweetest quiz ever.. =] here we go..

Name Twenty People you know

1. Katie Pittman

2. Cara D

3. Gina R

4.  Kyle B

5. Moses

6. Jennaaaa

7.  Katie L

8.  Storm

9. Brandon S

10. Megan M

11. Alexis F

12. Andrew M

13. Brian M

14. Natalie S

15. Megan H

16. Samantha K

17. Marisa V

18. Matt A

19. Blake J


Who is #8 going out with? no one that i know of..
Is #9 a boy or a girl? boyyy :)
Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? hahaaa if they we're lesbian`ss..
How about #18 and #4? lol nope not gayy
What grade is #17 in? 9th
When was the last time you talked to #12? tonighttt :)
What is #6's favorite band? i have no idea-- she doenst listen to bands lmfao
Does #1 have any siblings? a little sisterrr :)
Would you ever date #3? hhah its ginaaa lmfaoo :) we're not lesbian`ss
Would you ever date #7? nope sorry katie
Is #16 single? yahhhh
What's #15's last name? Hancz
What's #10's fantasy? LMFAOO.. i`ll have to ask her :)
Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? i think they would make an adorable couplee :)
What school does #20 go to? troy athensss :)
Tell me a random fact about #11? one of my BESTfriendssssss :)
And #1: IS my bestfriendforlifeeeee x2:)
And #3: word`ss can`t explain how much i love her <333bffl
And #2: never fails to be their for me <33 or amuse me. bestfriend`ssss
Have you ever had a crush on #16? nope dont think so loll
Where does #9 live? mostly in Lake Orion =[ but also in Troy
What's #4's favorite color? uh blue? red? idkkk
Would you makeout with #5? :) sure lol
Are #5 & #6 best friends? don`tt have any idea who eachother areee
Does #8 like #19? i think they know eachother.. not sure :)but their not gay if thats what you mean...
Does #10 have any pets? yep! a dog && a duck!! :)
Is #12 older than you? im not sure ;; could be
Would you give #13 a hug ? been there -- done that ;)
#2 the sexiest person alive? AHAHA ofcourse cara is :)


well that was fun.. enjoy -

comment.. NICE comments..


<33 ii_want_you


June 17th, 2005]
&& i can honestly say..no ones made me feel as shitty as jake as made me feel today..

&& in my mind theres only you and me [Thursday,
June 16th, 2005]

ohk there's a few things driving me crazy right now..

1. this kate thing. i jus dont understand what happen. or if i did something. im not going to get into details.. but she jus randomly IMed me && picked a fight. she started saying some REALLY hurtful things. including L7's && Jake. && i would never have expected her to say anything like this to me because 1. i thought we were bestfriends && 2. we werent even ina fight. so i dont understand whats going on kate.. but yah i jus dont know </3


let's see.. ive been at laurens for like 3 days =] ahha im never there for just one =D i love you hun <3333


KATIEEEE MARIEEE PITTMANNN && ii are going to be hanging out all next week =] H0PEFULLY <3 god dayum i miss her. BESTFRIENDS FO LIFEEEEEE <333333333333 golly lmao

wow; Lauren Burck <33 oh my god. i hope your alright!!!!! <3 ilvoeyou too ps. party on saturday =]


well its like..only 11.35 && im tired like WH0A.. but i have to stay up for mah piston`s =] yah baybeee <33 they better win. its not like them to lose 2 game's ina row =[ but whateverrrrrrrrr their kickin ass right now so its all goooddddd


oh yah.. && last but not least. im so over how your acting jake. but whatever.. if it makes you feel good to act this way. go ahead. act all you want.. but all i know.. is you were never like this before.. ever.


comment on the layout <3

cuz im in love with it ;]


June 15th, 2005]
jus had the sweetest conversation with kyle =] hahaaaa made me laugh my ass offf i love youwwww kyle =]


ps. im at laurens!

June 13th, 2005]
congradulation to kyle for playing a sweet ass game =]

i might be able to go back to elite..=0 im excited

leave a comment if you still read this =]

June 11th, 2005]
its been summer for ONE dayyy & a how lotta shit has happend already =]
yepp i know it. this summer is going to be thee shiiiittttt

im so glad your not in trouble blake<33

ps. call my cell anytime to hang out;]

pss. sam's party is coming up =D who's excited bitchsss

psss. even tho i know i shouldnt..i still like him. =[

June 7th, 2005]
i want kate in bed. lmaooo =]
i love you kate. bffe

cara; you still didnt ask loser! saturday
will be theeee shiittttt if you can tho!
i love you too; BFFl

GINAAAA<333 ahhh girl i love you =]
you make me laugh out loud!

i thank the sun for helping us not be pasty=]

June 6th, 2005]
guesss whatttt

schools out in 3.5 days =] wooooooooo

dont tell me what to do devil woman

caraaaaaaaaaaaa you better come on saturday =] it would be the
absolute sweetest shit. ;] iloveyou; bee-eff-efffff

you can walk home bitchs

June 4th, 2005]
its easier to believe the bad stuff.. then the good

like if someone called you an ugly bitch.. & then another cute.
its easier to believe the first one.. obviously

im jus sick of shiit.

i guess jake's too cool && popular to be friends with me now.. thats cool i guess

ohk. yahh bye

June 4th, 2005]

AHS Freshman Cheerleading =]

yahhh i made the team ; yeehawwwww i don`t know about anyone else..but good luck to them =]

&& good luck to ;; Angie`Kristine`Kristin`&&Myra =]<33

Sometimes I wish that I was a bong hit
You'd let me in and you would love every minute
And tell the room the things I did to you

Sister's graduation todayyy yeehawww; boo. i don`t wanna go lol

then maybe hanging out with FC<3 =] since i havent hung with her in forever..

she's to0 popular lmaoooo

Nothing comes as easy as you.
And I'll keep my jealousy close,
'Cause it's all mine.
And if you say this makes you happy,
Then I'm not the only one lying.


catch you laterrrrr

call cell to hang out todayy =]


So you buried all your lover's clothes
and burned the letters lover wrote,
but it doesn't make it any better.
Does it make it any better?
And the plaster dented from your fist
in the hall where you had your first kiss
reminds you that the memories will fade


<3 i love you


June 2nd, 2005]
Mock elections we're todayyy =]
i knew better than to show people
my sheet//votes. its so stupidd
i cant believe how blown outta
proportion that stupid 'biggest
flirt' thing was. now it might even
be banned forever! along with cutest
couple..yahh wtf. who even cares.
seriously biggest flirt isnt even
a bad thing. well i wouldnt really
care if i got it =] tehehee

last night. lmfaoo funny ass conversation
on the fone with the one && ONLY CARAAA<33
my fccc <3 =] 'well be friends with the
janitors' lmaoo i love you. after we got off
the fone i was jus sitting in my bed cracking
up jus thinking about it =] tahhaha<333BFFFLLL

then..today..hmm fones ringing..
LMFAO its cara =] tahhaha ilove her

ima go talk to her.. soo


June 1st, 2005]
cheerleading tryoutsss all this week =] yummy..
im WAY soree tho;; lmao Kristin, god she makes me
laugh so much. & me and kristine are alright =] shes
so funny. cracks me up =] & then theirs sam.. lmfaooo
ilove you sam =]

haha science makes me laugh hardddd =] megan & sam & me
are in a group together for this stupid bottle rocket
lmfaoo we havent did anything except like..cut it..
& sam messed that up! lmfao so mikes like..doing our wings
hahahhahahaahah silly silly <3bfflllllll you two

welll...friends are pretty sweet right now =] lifes not too bad

comment cutiess<3


May 31st, 2005]
AHS cheerleading tryouts today & for the rest of the week<3

no matter how much he hurts me
i keep on comin back for more
cuz i know..if he didnt have to
show off..he would be as sweet
as he used to<3 but its too late
i fell for him long ago.. & i have
no intentions on letting him go


so i talked to my love samantha lou koral on the fone..for like..ever today =] <3
she's sucha beauty =P loveyouboo this summer will rock our spandex offffff =D

ow..i hurt all overr

May 26th, 2005]
if i had a dime for everytime you hurt me& walked away,
i could afford to not give a shirt
&& buy a drink and drown the day.<3

yah <3333 hadda dream i was married to jake =] <3love him

RiP Great Grandma Thelma<3 wow i couldnt have made it throught the funeral without you kyrsti<3 iloveyou quelly

birthday is on saturday. cute cute

May 20th, 2005]

woww.w.. i gotta go pack before i leave for school! lmfaoooooo i still didnt finish 0=] i wonder how long it took cara...tehehe<333333



reminder =birthday in 8days ;]
&& AHS cheerleading..will be sweeettttttt

May 18th, 2005]
today;.. hmm the play is finally going good =] yay
2 days till cleveland thats exciting; sitting with Alex on the way their.. & Marisa on the way home =] yay
birthday = 10 days; that way exciting

hmm this mdae me laugh so hard i cried ;
"its funny how like every place you can comment--ends up in ppl making fun of scotty."
-chey* (her comment from a few entry's back) haha i love you peach!

hmm.. im going to be a retard & not pack for cleveland till tomarrow; im the slowest packer EVER i take like 5 hours at the least..& then i still forget stuff! 0=]

lmfaoo lunch is so funny. matt t; your so silly. oddest conversations..dont wanna repeat them..ohk so i do
"yah..we make out on the bus everday" matt
( idk what i said.but it was silly & made alex laugh)
(laughing her ass off) "haha that was funny nicole" - alex
"haha..you know what else is funny..you think we're joking" - me

lmfaoo<3 it was cuteeee

hmm..yah doug; your pencil hurts lmao & cody im going to kick your ass if you dont stop hitting me lol you like jammed my finger! itsa love hate realationship < wow..i cant spell

ohk this entry is long enough<3

peace outt

i think i found my other half..
i swear i found my better half<3

May 17th, 2005]
Auto response from 26 LA BREA: im showering for clevland.
if you dont love this kid..with all your heart; your crazy<3

cleveland = 3 days
birthday = 11 =D


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