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im so into youu

28 May
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Known as --Nicki D'--bitch =D.Cole..Almost 14. 5/28/1991.5'1ish. short kid. screamer. passionate. loud. understanding. brunnette. hazel eyes. blue eyes. single. brown hair. confusing. outgoing. not affraid to speak my mind. not here to please others. open to those i love. keep the ones i love close. do anything for my L7s. confident. trys to hide insecurity. I lack common sense. I'm confrotable in my jeans, but love getting dressed up. Have more guy friends than girls. But for the girls that are my best, I love you. Im not here to be anyone else but me, take it or leave it. Love it or hate it.

boys. music. cheerleading. softball. soccer. volleyball. friends. shopping. tanning. tupac. 50 cent. the killers. blink 182. othersss. lj. planerides .competition. cards. rain. sunshine. summer. baithing suits. jeans. cuddling. holding hands. laying on the grass. long walks.AiM.phone. being around people that love you and you love back. Basketball. Walks. Cell phones. Just all out talking. Hugs. Kiss’s. being comfortable. =) all the good things in life ;]

bitchy people. backstabbers. spiders. any insects. running on command. hott sand. cheaters. hypocrites. not meaning what you say. people who are stuck up. two faced people. rumors.school drama.family member's that don't get along. cliques in between friends. emo. needles. shots. bruises. Feet. Passing out. Being sick. Cold weather. Wanting something you can’t have.

By Musicians: Tupac. 50 Cent. Taking Back Sunday. The Killers. Kelly Clarckson. Dashboard Confessional. Linkin Park. The Doors. Rascal Flatts. <3 Yellow Card. Sheryl Crow. Martina McBride. Faith Hill.Tim McGraw. Pretty Rickie. Lil' Kim. Trina. Ludacris.Trick Daddy.Nelly.Chingy. The Game.3 Doors Down.Ashlee Simpson.Lindsey Lohan.Jessica Simpson. LeAnn Rimes. Christina Aguilara. Kelly Clarckson. LeAnn Womak. Lil' Jon. Usher. Britney Spears. Mariah Carey. B.I.G. The Used. And others.

By Movie : Pretty Woman. Forrest Gump. Grease. The Breakfast Club. Sixteen Candles. 13 going on 30.Mean Girls.Confession's ofa Teenage Drama Queen.Garden State. Blue Crush. Legally Blonde 1. Legally Blonde 2. Coyote Ugly.Maid In Madhatten. Big Fish. 50 First Dates. Mr. Deeds. Big Daddy. Happy Gilmore. Old School.

First My Crew :: Cara Gina Tina Katie Megan & Kate<3 you girls know how to keep it real 8] i love you all so much. Always the L7's. no matter what happens you will all be my favorites =] If you go down,we go down together, BESTFRIENDS means BESTFRIENDS Forever<3 FC<3 you deff know how to keep it real. your an all out crazy person.so much fun to be with. i can always trust you. i relate to you so much <3 BFFL <3 FC4L<3 Samuel<3 yah, so much has happend in the past year. I've never became such close friends in a short amount of time with someone! I can honestly say, your amazing. All out my twin. Except for a few things;] You've taught me so much, and i hope we can stay like this forever. BFFL Kyrsti<3 yah we go way back to when we were born! <3 you know you mean the most to me.Quel For Life<3 Kyle<3 your sucha great friend. what would i do without you. Your an all around person that everyone loves. No one can hate you<3 honestly. lol. glad we've gotten so close! BFFL Jake<3 haha, no matter what ill always love yah. You’re a great friend when your not ina pissy mood. And its fun living on “your” street =) I love yah babe There's more of you, but just cuz your not right here,dont mean i dont love you with my all!

FLick & FlACK <3

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